On the 1st of October Techwatch will organize the second edition of Bits & Chips Smart Systems. This exhibition and conference is a combination of the Bits & Chips Embedded Systems and the Bits & Chips Hardware Conference.

Techwatch aims to bring together all the parties who are working on the development of smart information systems, from smart pills to square kilometre arrays, from clever lighting to advanced diagnostic equipment or production machinery.

Bits & Chips Smart Systems targets all markets and disciplines involved in the development and production of smart systems, such as:

  • Wireless communication
  • Development of electronics
  • Embedded software development
  • Design and development tooling
  • Advanced packaging
  • Micro assembly and integration
  • Micromechanics
  • Networking technology

Bits & Chips Smart Systems is an ideal opportunity to learn about the latest technology trends, talk to your relations and meet some new ones.

Adeas is represented with a booth on the exhibition floor and welcomes you to meet or catch up with Adeas Management and Senior Designers. Also join our lecture with topic ‘Precision time synchronisation for audio and video signals using Ethernet’.

Free admission

You can register for free admission to the event with our relation code EXH886329. The free admission is exclusive a conference ticket, for this you have to pay separate. For more information and the full conference program, visit the event website: www.bits-chips.nl.

1931 Congress Centre Brabanthallen

Oude Engelenseweg 1
5222 AA ’s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands