March 19, 2018

Adeas and Nextera have teamed up to provide a complete solution for standards based Video over Internet Protocol (IP). The Adeas/Nextera solution is developed according to the specifications set forth in the SMPTE ST2110 and SMPTE ST2059 standards which are defined by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and NMOS as approved by AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association). These standards are believed to be “the” standards for Video over IP transmission in the foreseeable future.

NMOS IS control and management software layer to control and manage the nodes in a network.

ST 2059 standardized deterministic timing and clock signals to be used to time synchronize audio and video systems. Designed to work seamlessly along side the ST 2110 core to offer a complete ecosystem for professional media over IP.

The Adeas/Nextera solution suite contains all of the components necessary to enable fast time to market for product developers. The solution consists of FPGA cores, control software, and reference designs enabling turn-key development and integration.

Core Suite supports the following:

  • ST 2110-10 – System Timing
  • ST 2110-20 – Uncompressed Video Stream
  • ST 2110-21 – Traffic Shaping
  • ST 2110-30 – Uncompressed Audio Stream
  • ST 2110-40 – Ancillary Data (Metadata)
  • NMOS IS-04 – Discovery and Registration
  • NMOS IS-05 – Connection Management
  • ST 2059-1 – Media Alignment
  • ST 2059-2 – PTP profiles

Download product leaflets here: AIP-ST2110 / AIP-ST2059

For more information please contact Adeas or Nextera Video